Strong Custom Software

Digital form 2301 filling and e-signature, just as signing with a pen on paper.

The platform for independent insurance agents to complete and submit an application for appointment form to the Secretary of State, Notary Public Unit. The paperless and social distance digital solution.

No code integration in website, pdf files directly to email box, and advanced search form features are available free of charge.

Insurances calculator

One of the more challenging areas when building a business is setting up complicated forms on the website. We use the various levels of permission to edit and correct previously entered information.

The tool shown here was made for a German client of ours. It allowed them the flexibility to calculate the lowest possible insurance price for their clients.

These kinds of tools will automatically save, allowing customers to come back to them when ready.

It is an online viewer of 360 x 180 panoramas with an easy sharing system with your friends and colleagues, even if they do not have Facebook or any other special application. It works at any web browser at any device, you should not stay out of the edge, because you did not buy the lastest apple device.

The viewer has easy in use tour creator. The tours allow making a path to go from point to point to see multiply places in the area.

3D product visualization

3d visualization allows demonstrating your products all around, with customization elements to change and see what you get at the result.

The viewer could be integrated into any existing catalog or shopping system, it is an incredible tool to add a spring of magic to your catalog, the QR code next to the product in the paper catalog to give a quick look from other sides or customize the look or shape.

It is a full custom solution. Any management elements are editable to give it the easy functionality that works for your product.

Digital signature online or on place

Sign the document to close the deal directly at your table or mobile device; no app is required; it works in your native web browser. Our solution places the signature in the pre-identified document.

When you are away, just send a document as attached to the email with link and QR code, the recipient can scan the code and get directly to the web page to sign the document. Just verify the signature and send back the signed document.

The full custom solution could be integrated into any existing system to capture the signature and get back the signed document.

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